Below are the Bylaws and Constitution that have been unanimously approved by the church Administrative Council as it pertains to Mt. Pleasant Church. Both documents are downloadable and printable. Please take time to carefully read each document. Should you have any questions in regards to these documents, please click on the questionnaire link below and submit your questions to the church.


The rules governing how we will operate as a church, contains our statement of beliefs that is incorporated into our governing guidelines.


Outlines our purpose as an organization, that we are a church who worships God and our business is doing His work in ministry.


Do you have any questions? If so, we would love to connect with you and address them. Please complete and submit this questionnaire.

Church Questionnaire Responses

Questions and Responses from the Church Questionnaire submitted to the Administrative Council.

Administrative Council Members:

Donny Baldridge, Danny Buckner, Rusty Cagle, Chris Clontz, Steve Cranford, Dow Craver, Jennifer Driggers, Donnie Durham, Christopher Fitzgerald, Phil Fitzgerald, LeAnne Fleming, Rhonda Florence, Phillip Goodyear, Jenny Hagee, Maddie Hagee, Robert Harden, Teresa Harden, Angie Hayworth, Joe Hayworth, Eric Hilton, Chris Jarrell, Kelly Kiger, Lee Koontz, Sharon Koontz, Christy Long, Mary Long, Tommy McDevitt, Jane Mendenhall, Glen Morgan, Felecia Motsinger, Lee Penry, Luke Penry, Eddie Reid, Reginald Shoaf, Bo Sink, Megan Williams