Mt. Pleasant Women began in 1932 with 12 members as the Ladies Auxiliary. The first meetings were held on Sunday, then later on Saturday afternoons. In 1940 the name changed to the Woman’s Society of Christian Services. In 1972 the Ladies Auxiliary name was changed to United Methodist Women.Beginning in January of 2008, the Mt. Pleasant UMW came together as one circle. For many years past there had been two active circles. The Loy Circle was formed in 1955 and was named after the pastor of the church in 1932, and the Minnie Morris Circle, which was named in memory of a dedicated charter member. Each circle met on a monthly basis, with quarterly combined circle meetings. In 2020, the name was changed to Mt. Pleasant Women.Currently, the Mt. Pleasant Women has 39 active members.Throughout the years, since the first meeting in 1932, God has led us in ministry and actions to support our local church, community and beyond. As women of Mt Pleasant we strive to boldly proclaim Christ and help to fulfill the church’s mission.At our monthly meetings our members come together to fellowship with each other, enjoy inspirational programs, and support selected local missions through projects. Each month we plan our mission endeavors and have various fun activities to help raise the money to fund them. We would love to have you join us and help us grow our missions!
Purpose of the Mt. Pleasant WomenThe organized unit of Mt. Pleasant Women shall support the mission, vision and values of Mt. Pleasant Church.