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Night to Shine 2021 will be on Friday, February 12! Registration opening soon.

Night to Shine Donation

Night to Shine was an amazing time together.

Thank you so much for committing to taking this event on and your commitment to loving, serving and honoring the Lord and His children with special needs.  We were beyond humbled to see the way God moved on Friday night and I am still on a high.  It was a night of dancing, laughing, smiles and tears of joy.  Again… this morning I spent time viewing pictures, videos and stories shared by participants.  It was such a joy to work alongside each of you as we joined together to boldly share the unfailing love of Jesus.

I thank you all for your extravagant generosity and genuine care.  I appreciate your willingness to donate food, time, talents, professional skills and cars.  This was a night I will never forget and can’t wait to do it again!

In Christ,

Chris Clontz, Sr. Pastor of Mt. Pleasant Church


NTS w princess
NTS Crowd
NTS being crowned


from Night to Shine at Mt. Pleasant Church

NTS dance

As the parent of a special needs child, it always blesses me, when people reach out in love to my child. The love at Night to Shine was palpable. The after glow of replaying in my mind all the happy faces I saw, went on for days. Each guest felt extra special and I am so thankful to all who helped make this the amazing event it was.

NTS at MTP is the one night of the year that we can go somewhere as a family and feel completely welcomed! Instead of people looking at our daughter wondering what’s wrong, MTP volunteers look at them and see what’s right! Now that our girls are 18, there’s not a lot they can do out in the community. NTS is an event that the girls look forward to. It’s also the only time they will wear a dress instead of their pajamas! They danced the night away! One of them “ran” down the red carpet, not once, but 15 times while the crowd cheered her on! As parents, it was so nice to be served a delicious meal that we actually had the time to savor. We knew our girls were in good hands. Thank you so much for putting the dance on for a second year. I pray MTP will host many more! Thank you, From Brian, Jamie, Alex, Emily and Elizabeth Hallman.

I had a great time. This is my first time coming to Night To Shine Prom Friday night. Crown for the first time as King on the dance floor. I will be there next year.

Thank you. Thank you so much Shaqwan had a great time. He is already talking about coming back next year. Thank you again, stay BLESSED!


My daughter enjoyed the entire night, from the limo ride, walking the red carpet, dancing, photos and the smiles and hospitality of the church members and volunteers! It was her night to shine and because of the work of your church she was able to attend a formal prom…an opportunity that she has never had. I will always remember her smile, her excitement and her pretty blue dress. Thank you for memories that I will never forget!

Parent of Guest

Truly one of the best moments of my life. I’m still taking it all in. Made a wonderful new friend, Hannah. Oh, what a night!!! Praise be to God for the blessing!


We saw her many times throughout the night. She never stayed in one place too long. We watched her sing her heart out with her buddy to several songs. Everyone clapped and danced and sang along. We even got to see her dancing the night away. As I was tiring out through the night every time we’d run into Charlotte, she always had that same gleam about her. It was so inspiring to me! She was so happy to be there and after several hours she was still energetic and ready for more fun.


Just wanted to tell you how wonderful Friday night was for ALL of us!!!! Allison was beyond herself and loved Daniel, and especially Captain America. Thanks to all that worked so hard to make it so very special for everyone and thank you for treating us so great with the food and fellowship. Please do it again next year, and we want to work more on the behind the scenes if we can.

Parent of Guest & Volunteer

That was an Awesome event! The girls danced all night long without stopping. Must have been the DJ? I tried to convey what this event meant to us as parents. NO WORDS FOR IT. We truly appreciate everyone who buddied as well as all the volunteers. We will go every opportunity we have. Thanks again!”

Parent of Guest

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